About me



I’m Ruxandra, a 21 year old fashion design student from Bucharest, Romania.


I define myself through a collection of contrasts and paradoxes. I consider myself a creative person and I conceived this website with the desire of having a place to show and share my work. Although I am very shy, I always want to go beyond my limits and out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, my nature has always been delicate, subtle, and that can also be observed in my personal style.


I like literature, cinema, photography and cats. My passions are history, art & culture but the biggest of all is fashion and everything related to it. I have always found fashion a challenging issue: it’s an ever-changing industry, but, at the same time, it preserves classical values. As for myself, I have grown a keen interest in the way fashion affects every walk of life. It connects the world on different levels, and it has always been influenced by everything happening in the society. Also, I think fashion is a complex way of artistic expression. Everything I love and every thought I have is expressed in some way in the things I create.


Therefore, I’m here to share my work with you and I would be happy to discover that I inspired other people. Thank you for stopping by and if you want to talk or maybe just say hi, contact me!