Starlight Collection

Starlight is my graduate collection, which was coordinated by prof. Paula Barbu. The collection aims to explore the link between microcosm and macrocosm, between what is inside and outside of the human being. By discovering the most profound mysteries of the universe, an inherent search in the depths of our being is made, and so, as the scope of our knowledge expands, it increases our ability to understand the principles underlying life itself. We are the same age as the universe, made from stardust.

The largest image ever taken, at the beginning of 2015, by the Hubble Telescope, is a tremendous achievement for mankind in the exploration of space and the human being. By researching the inner and outer universe, a connection is made between the future and the past of humanity.

The Andromeda constellation Andromeda was first observed in the sky in a very distant past – in ancient Greece. It was named after a princess from the Greek mythology, a princess whose beauty upset the gods who punished her. The constellation contains the Andromeda galaxy contains, the closest galaxy to the Milky Way, located only 2.5 million light-years away from Earth.

The collection inspired by the past and the future, by the links between the inner and outer universe, by the constellation and the galaxy itself, brings clothing proposals translated in femininity, elegance, simplicity, precious details, transparency, innovative structures and chromatic depth.

Andromeda Jumpsuit

Stellar Playsuit

Stardust Dress

Constellation Dress

Night Sky Playsuit

Astral Top & Pants


Photos: Ionut Staicu

Edit: Vlad-Radu Popescu

Model: Madalina Ioana Staicu

Make-up: Ioana Ieremia



Photos: Andrei Enea & Vlad-Radu Popescu

Model: MUR Model Management