Emprint is a collaborative university project which took the form of a collection, developed in 2015 under the coordination of prof. Ioana Avram. The concept is built around a self projection in the context of a space, similar with water, that contains the memories of origins and how life itself began its course. The mark, the print that our individual consciousness leaves in a place, becomes, after enrichment and transformation, as a result of the energy transfer, the print of that very place but now in the collective consciousness. Hence the “sense of place” or that feeling of belonging within a specific context.

My piece is about the reinterpretation of this concept, but in a personal way. By analysing the contrast between positive and negative space, between rigid and flexible, silky, fabrics, it reaches a state of equilibrium, of balance through which you can get to finding oneself in a quiet and protected space.


Photos: Tibi Vantur

Model: Dejavu Models Management